About CG-Source

CG-Source.com was started in 2008 by Thomas Suurland who has been working as a Freelancer in the 3D industry since 1997.

CG-Source is dedicated to creating the absolute highest quality textures, 3D models and plugins. Textures will be in High Resolution and have a high Physical size in order to create materials that has a minimum of repetition.

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Information

firsteye / Thomas Suurland
Havkærvej 60
8381 Tilst
+45 22 160 500

Category Information

Multi Textures

MultiTextures are multiple versions of the same texture, used to create large areas without any repetition! They are designed to work with the MultiTexture map and FloorGenerator.

PBR Textures

Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) is an approach for materials that creates more accurate and predictable results.

All PBR Textures are tilable and comes with multiple maps like Albedo, Diffuse, Displacement, Normals, Reflection and Glossiness

HDRi Skies

HDRi Skies are full spherical HDRi Sky Maps with a clean horizons! So they can be used in any scene without distracting elements. They are all in a very High Dynamic Range, so with a render like VRay you get sharp shadows from the sun.

Many of the skies comes with backplates that can be used for background to improve your rendering further.

HDRi Locations

HDRi Locations are full Spherical HDRi Maps with matching backplates For rendering cars realistically in 3d, they were previously sold at HDRi-Locations.com but are now being sold here on CG-Source.com

3D Models

3D Models are scanned using photogrammetry so they are very realistic.

They come ready with all maps so they can easily be dropped into your scene.


Textures are miscellaneous textures that doesn't fit into the other major categories. Most of them are of older date.

There are HDRi maps that isn't skies or HDRi Locations, Wood floors that isn't PBR textures. and some high resolution textures of concrete, stones and bricks.