Square Bread

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20 Credits
.max (Max2011, VRay 3)
250k faces / object
Ca. 15x12cm
104 MB
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3D Model of 2 square breads breads, well, rectangular. Size is around 15x12cm and each bread has 250k faces and 4k diffuse textures. The cutting board is included in the scene and is supplied free of charge.

The model is provided in the following formats:
  • 3ds Max 2011/VRay 3.0 gamma 2.2 scene with the studio seen above included.
  • 3ds Max 2011/VRay 3.0 gamma 2.2 scene without the studio, for easy merging of the model only.
  • Obj file without materials, but UV mapped and textures included.

Each model is generated from a high-resolution scan, which means it has all the details the real object has. Due to this the facecount is quite high. Usually scanned meshes have quite a few errors but this model has been fixed meticulously in order to eliminate errors. UV's have no overlapping and stretching has been kept to a minimum. The textures were derived from the same scan, guaranteeing accuracy and the same high detail as in the mesh.